Disney Flowers, requested by Gr8-ness.

Alright alright let’s talk the language of flowers here for a sec cause I’m a dork

Snow White there is picking wildflowers. These are associated with love, affection, and freedom. Yellow means cheerfulness, blue means sadness and is sometimes a reference to the sea or the sky (which both indicate freedom). 

Cinderella is running past either forget-me-not or highly stylized lavender (I can’t tell because of the lighting). Say it’s forget-me-not: obviously, remember this night, it’s gonna be special. Lavender would leave this as distrust. For the lack of trust, I’m going to go with forget-me-not in blue- more sadness!

Aurora’s fairy godmother throws Camellias out of that basket. Note that they are a purple color- stands for royalty. Camellias stand for graciousness. Now I don’t know what it says that the godmother is throwing them out, but it’s nice to imagine that the godmother is trying to hide Aurora’s royalty from her and wants her to act less like royalty (gracious, poised, elegant- these aren’t generally associated with peasant women in this era). They could also be Ranunculus, which stands for radiance. Which godmother would also want to hide. 

Ariel’s flower really looks like an Amaryllis, which stands for drama. They also look a bit like Star of Bethlehem, though the coloring is all wrong (they grow in mostly white). They stand for hope, which does make sense. She’s wearing a pink flower, which stands for friendship and caring; these are both qualities of Ariel. She’s picking yellow flowers, indicating- and I’m not joking here- that she’s hopelessly in love. So, uhm, yeah.

On to Belle and her pink rose! Looks to be a spray rose. Pink is gratitude, caring, friendship, all qualities that the witch wanted Beast to have when she cursed him, and all qualities that Belle teaches him. The rose itself represents love, honor, faith, beauty, passion, elegance, balance, wisdom, intrigue, devotion, sensuality, and timelessness. That last one cracks me up, cause the witch put him under a time-specific spell. But the rest of that are all things the witch wanted the Beast to have. 

The flower that Aladdin gives to Jasmine is a Gardenia. They stand for joy- he’s giving her joy, taking her away from what makes her sad, how freakin cute is that?? White is purity, remembrance, truth- he wishes he could tell her the truth, he wants her to have a free night to remember, and we all know that Disney love is pure. 

Pocahontas and her sunflowers- adoration! She adores nature, doesn’t she? And she also adores John Smith (let’s all ignore that this is historically inaccurate for a bit). Yellow is zealousness, cheerfulness, being hopelessly in love, and being a secret admirer. I’m thinking these things apply more to John Smith in this situation. 

Mulan’s father has cherry blossoms falling around him. In Japanese tradition, this would symbolize the transience of life, or a samurai who sacrificed his life for the emperor. Due to the way they grow, they can also be clouds. They are a kind of flower of death- the pink and white suggest purity and elegance. If I remember correctly, these flowers fall in a scene where Mulan’s father is certain she is dead. She almost does die, sacrificing herself for her country and emperor. She’s got the elegance of a trained soldier, and the purest intentions of joining the army: to save her father.

The flower in Tiana’s mom’s hat is white magnolia- purity, remembrance, forgiveness, and dignity. Eudora, as far as I can tell (please don’t hate me because I haven’t seen this movie yet!) is a very dignified woman. I mean, come on, you kind of have to be if you’re the best seamstress in town. But she also wants her daughter to be happy, not just hardworking. She’s a big force in remembering Tiana’s father. The movie itself has a whole lot of lilies in it, specifically water lilies, which indicate pleasure and peace.

Mother Gothel takes a blue daisy out of Rapunzel’s hair.  A daisy is innocence, and I think we can all agree that Rapunzel is an innocent little cutie for a good portion of the movie, and holds on to that innocence despite all the crap that happens to her. Blue can represent faith, youth, calmness, and truth. Rapunzel lies maybe once or twice to her mother and is otherwise a truthful character. She’s young and happy. She’s adorable. This flower captures her in a big way.  When she’s got the full- on braid, she has mountain meadow flowers, buttercups, and dwarf wooly meadowfoams in her hair, all wildflowers, encapsulating her wild spirit. 










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I know that Tiana yada yada… but what about ALL the Disney characters we never got merchandise for?

Eilonwy, anyone? Tiger Lily? Maid Marian? Kida?

Take that up with Consumer Products yourself then, this issue is over one Princess (note I’m talking about the ones in the line up, a franchise built to make money off of merchandise) not getting as much as the others.

Seriously, don’t take my post and “yada yada” it

Not to mention that Eliowny will probably never get merch because her movie was a finical bomb for Disney. Same with Kida. Also, Tiger Lily is kinda of a racial stereotype so I really doubt Disney wants to get back lash for that.

Let’s be real.
Eilonwy is never getting any new merch.

And this post is about Tiana. One of the underappreciated Disney Princesses, (for obvious reasons).

Let her have her chance to shine. It’s way overdue.

"(for obvious reasons)"

Yeah, the same reason as all the other forgotten princesses. Her movie was TERRIBLE and was not that big of a money maker. I’m 2009 it was the FIFTH grossing animated film. Against great crowd pleasers? Well yeah, Up. But Coraline, Fantastic Mr. Fox and Ice Age 3? Not so much.

In fact one of the ONLY reasons Tiana was not immediately dropped into Forgotten Princess Land right next to Eilonwy and Kida was because of being of a unique race compared to many, many other princesses.

Her movie did make money and it was a critical success. It got nominated for three Oscars.

Black Cauldron didn’t make it even half it’s budget back and the critics hated it.

You are comparing apples to oranges. If you don’t like the Princess and the Frog movie, that’s fine but don’t come onto people’s threads about Tiana and bash her. I honestly hope you don’t get Eilonwy merch but you don’t deserve it. Now stop replying to this thread.

The three academy awards were all for the music, which says absolutely nothing about the film itself.

And I really can’t stop replying as long as you continue to be so easy to bait. At this point, it’s merely that game where you try to see who’s hand will cover up the top last! It would’ve never gone beyond an initial response otherwise.

A true princess simply would’ve gone, “We should all fight for inclusion!” not been baited into an argument over which B-level princess is more deserving. Let’s face it, if you’re not a classic, renaissance, or surprising wow-Disney-finally-figured-out-how-to-make-Pixar-movies princess (here’s looking at you, Frozen) you don’t matter. You have to stand for different ethnicities (Mulan) than the rest, be a feature long apology for “What Made the Red Man Red” (Pocahontas), or be defiant of whitewashing (Tiana) to be considered for the princess line up when you’re up against the REAL big contenders (Cindy, Snow, Aurora, Ariel), so be happy they’re in parades and still exist AND can it already.

Wrong. Princess and the frog was nominated for best animated feature film and the other two were nominations for best original song.

I can’t force your opinion whether you’ll like the film or not, but don’t say the movie was a bomb just because YOU didn’t like it. Also the only reason what the other princesses are “big contenders” is because they have more merchandise, appearances,and promotions than the others. Hence why this campaign was created for Tiana who more than deserves it, and NOT just because of her race.

But whatever it looks like you stopped caring anyway. Quite fitting when I think about it.



I’m sorry HOW did you completely miss her character growth? What I love most about Tiana is her ambition, hard work, intelligence, and endurance (but I guess that’s just makes her a ‘bitch’ in your eyes)

Don’t mis-interpret what I said - I thought her part in that song made her come off that way.   I never questioned her ambition, her intelligence, or endurance.  The others sing about their dreams, and her lyrics were little more than a scolding to Naveen - he sings that he wants to live it up, and she responds with 

Your modesty becomes you
And your sense of responsibility
I’ve worked hard for everything I’ve got
And that’s the way it’s supposed to be
When I’m a human being
At least I’ll act like one”

Instead of what could have been something about her own dream, she uses half a verse to condescend.  She was a brilliant character, and I think they did her a huge disservice by making her act that way - it felt really out of character to me, it was just… blatantly rude.

As far as character development goes, I don’t see “spend more time partying, less time working toward your goals” as growth; maybe it just came off wrong, and I’d have liked it better if they’d executed the same lesson in a different way? I don’t know. When you’re scrimping to reach a goal, going out partying usually sets you back - her “head down, power through it” attitude was admirable in my book, not a flaw to be fixed.  And once she had her restaurant, she would have been able to go have fun more often.

She got her dream in the end, but it felt like they tacked that on, sort of a “boy, you sure are lucky you got to turn back into a human!” kind of way. I feel like it seriously cheapened her success. The thought of the restaurant as frogs never occurred to me - it felt like being resigned to being a frog, her dream would be dead, so you make a good point with that. Disney would have found a way to make that work somehow.

I get how she would seem condescending in that one verse, but she’s only ever condescending or ever rude to Naveen, never any other character in the movie, and that would make sense to her character. He starts off lazy, self-absorbed, full of himself, self-entitled, plus he pretty much lied to her when they first met and he was the reason that they were turned into frogs hindering her chances of getting her restaurant; she hated him. And I don’t blame her, I wouldn’t exactly be rolling out the welcome wagon either for someone who almost ruined my life.

However, after the verse she does sing about her life and how her hard work is going to get her places

"If you do your best each and every day 

good things are sure to come your way                                             

What you give is what you get

 My daddy said that and I’ll never forget”

Just because she doesn’t sing in exact words that she’s going to get her restaurant doesn’t mean she’s not singing about her dream and more importantly how her dad (who she has a deep connection with even after his death) gave her the values she’s holds dear to after all those years.

And with Tiana’s development they’re not saying, “spend more time partying and less working” they’re saying you need to take the time to relax. Keeping your head down and constantly working is just as unhealthy for you as doing nothing but partying. Too much stress, lack of sleep, constantly moving, etc. are all bad for your heart and body and actually have negative side effects on your working process. Also, again, with her all work attitude she was pushing people away so that she could keep working, which would be fine if she did it the right amount times, but she did it so much that she would have probably lost most of her friends and ended up alone. What’s success if you’re alone and have no one to share it with? This is another reason why I love Tiana’s character because it’s so complex and layered. Her strength also serves as her weakness; just as having pride is essential for having self-esteem and confidence, but having too much of it makes you unwilling to admit to mistakes or ask for help. Plus she WANTED to be able to let go and have fun, you could see it several times throughout the movie, but she was essentially afraid to because she was afraid to leave her comfort zone and that did make her unhappy. 

And  I also didn’t feel like the ending it was tacked on because after both Tiana and Naveen grew from their experiences together it felt like they earned their chance to be human again. Again, it wasn’t just luck that they somehow turned human in the end. They chose to stay together despite being frogs and live their lives happily ever after (which is HUGE change since they spent the whole film trying not to be frogs anymore). When they turned human it was like they earned to gain what they wanted now that they had with they needed (message from Mama Odie :P)



so the princess and the frog morale is that if you throw away the dream you slaved for your whole life for some guy you met two days ago not only is it ok but things kinda turn out for the best in the end ?

Also, where was the character growth? Like, she had it together when…

No, no, no, no *spirals into infinite no’s*

*breathes* now that thats out of the way,
Are you kidding me!!!

First off never and I repeat NEVER has Tiana ONCE given up on
her dream in the entire film!

Thorughout the movie her main concern was becoming human so that she’ll be able to get her restaurant. By the end of the movie she even says:”My dream wouldn’t complete without you [Naveen] in it” MY GOD PEOPLE! she literally says in that one line that she will always have her dream of owning a restraunt BUT without Naveen being a part of it she would never be completely happy. She would always have that regret of not having Naveen right there by her side when she opens her restaurant. Her dream hasn’t changed! Her dream just got a little bigger!

And you know what, she NEVER lost her sense of ambition and hard work. She not only kept it, but also influenced the people around her for the better. Tiana bought the restaurant with her own money AND Tiana rebuilt the restaurant with her own hands with the help of Naveen who was just as excited to make her dream come true as she was. Hell, if they both stayed as frogs it is not hard to imagine that Tiana would somehow open her restaurant anyway (I’m thinking along the lines of Ratatouille XD) because that’s the kind of person Tiana is.

One last thing: (Sorry I’m not sure how to quote yet)


Also, where was the character growth? Like, she had it together when everything started, and she was amazing, and halfway through the movie all they did was have her repeat herself a hundred times about her working hard, only to have it end with everything going to shit, and don’t worry, someone else will come save your day. It took what could have been a great moral and ground it into dust. (Also, Tiana being a condescending bitch during the “when I’m human” song totally turned me off)

I’m sorry HOW did you completely miss her character growth? What I love most about Tiana is her ambition, hard work, intelligence, and endurance (but I guess that’s just makes her a ‘bitch’ in your eyes)
 HOWEVER because she worked so hard to own her restaurant
she had become too focused on her destination and never took the time to enjoy everything that she has in her life right now.

She lost sight of the more important things that life has to offer, and if she had kept this attitude she would have still ended up a successful, but alone. And the thing was, even Tiana herself felt something was missing. Like when she turned down her friends to go out, she had the look of wanting to go but stopped herself. Or when Naveen asked her
dance and she refused again, you can see she feels horrible about letting her fear of just letting go and having fun keep her from another memorable experience (Something I personally can relate to)
By the end she not only owns her restaurant, but she’s also able to ENJOY the dream she worked so hard to achieve!
And you know what it didn’t turn out “ok” in the end just because “it just turned out that way” it happened because Tiana made it happen! Tiana made her dream come true, and she’s a character who more than deserved it!

*breaths*………..sorry for the rant…..not sorry